You are welcome to get acquainted with SIA “Eddi” (hereinafter referred to as Eddi) data privacy policy (hereinafter referred to as the policy) in which it is explained how and for what purposes the data processing is performed.

1. Types of data processed and aims of data processing

Eddi performs the processing of data of clients, employment seekers and other contact persons (potential clients). Eddi does not transfer the data at its disposal to any third person except for the cases when it is necessary for the fulfillment of contractual liabilities when cooperating with other external service providers indicated by the client or if it is requested by law enforcement institutions (for example, police, etc.) upon presenting a justified order based on a respective court decision. Data necessary for the fulfillment of the contractual liabilities shall be stored by Eddi throughout the entire validity of the contract and after the expiry of the validity of the contract in accordance with the requirements laid down in the accounting regulatory provisions.

1.1. Processing of personal data of client’s contact persons

Information about client’s contact persons is necessary for Eddi to fulfill the contractual liabilities with regard to our clients and to ensure the fulfillment of services in good quality and in due time (i.e., to prepare the proposals for required services, to ensure support to client’s contact persons and to improve the quality of the services provided by Eddi).

1.2. Processing of personal data of employment seekers

Eddi performs the processing of personal data of employment seekers to assess the compliance of potential candidates to the vacancies published by Eddi.

1.3. Data processing of other contact persons

Eddi performs the processing of personal data of other contact persons (potential clients) for the purpose of marketing to ensure the delivery of valuable contents to interested contact persons.

2. Data acquiring sources

Eddi obtains the personal data of contact persons in the course of the fulfillment of contractual liabilities. Eddi can obtain data regarding other contact persons (potential clients) also from such sources as the social networks of the third parties, internet websites or also by using any other information available to general public.

 Cookies placed in Eddi internet website do not disclose the personal data of the internet website visitors; they only provide a possibility for Eddi to ensure that the visitors have more efficient use of the internet website. See more information about Eddi policy of the use of cookies see here.

3. Types of processed data

Eddi can process the following personal data:

  • Name, surname;
  • Contact telephone number and email address;
  • Information about the position held;
  • References provided about Eddi;
  • Cookies help obtaining information about language settings of the visitor’s browser, and etc.;
  • Time of opening the campaign email sent;
  • Other data that are freely available about a person in social networks, for example, Linked in and etc.

4. The rights of natural persons regarding the processing of their personal data

Everybody as a natural person has the right to request and receive the following information from Eddi:

  • To find out which your personal data are at the disposal of Eddi, and how these data are being processed;
  • To request making corrections in your personal data (for example, to change telephone number or email address);
  • To request the deletion of the personal data at the disposal of Eddi after the expiry of contractual relations;
  •  To refuse from receiving Eddi marketing information by writing to

5. Eddi principles for the safe storage of personal data

You use appropriate technologies and monitoring procedures, and we make particular effort to ensure that the personal data entrusted to us are kept safely, and we will not permit disclosing of these data to third persons without any legal basis.

6. Subcontractors participating in the processes of personal data processing in Eddi

Eddi uses the systems and services provided by subcontractors for the purpose of personal data processing and due to this reason it undertakes to conclude respective data processing agreements with subcontractors to ascertain that their data processing principles correspond to Eddi approaches of data privacy policy. Please find an incomplete list of subcontractors below.

  • Microsoft Outlook 365 – providing of email system
  • Manage Engine – application management
  • OnePage CRM – CRM system maintenance

Eddi data privacy policy is perfected in line with the processes taking place in the company and topicality. Any further changes in Eddi data privacy policy will be published here and everyone is welcomed to follow these changes.

The last renewal of Eddi data privacy policy was made on 23 May 2018.