Edmunds Plūmīte
Chairman of the Board

The number of confidential data loss incidents resulting from the use of public Wi-Fi access points has been increasing lately. Therefore it is advisable to be extra cautious when connecting to an unknown or unreliable network (e.g. free Wi-Fi in the local café, airport or other public spaces). You need to keep in mind that in such cases Your entire data flow, containing both Your personal information as well as critical business data, may be monitored.

For safety of critical business data, we recommend You to follow these suggestions:

1. Do Your best to avoid using public Wi-Fi access points, especially if You own a Company device (smartphone, tablet etc.). You may lose business data even if Your personal device is configured to send and receive work emails. 

 2. If You do need to access business data & information outside the office, use connections that are safer against data leaks: a VPN with at least 2 factor authentication or an internet connection provided by mobile operators (LTE/3G/4G).

 3. An alternative to the above is to purchase and use mobile device management solutions. Your Company IT staff will be able to consult You about these in detail.

In case You connect to a public Wi-Fi access point, never accept any change requests that may appear on Your screen. Select “Cancel” – most likely it is an attempt to steal Your data!

Currently this is the highest possible business data loss vulnerability, which may significantly reduce the overall impact of business security policies even if other (internal) security procedures are maintained on a high level.

Please inform Your staff and colleagues about this and make sure that the guidelines on safe access to public Wi-Fi are covered in Your company data safety procedures.