We are daring - we do not avoid complicated projects and challenges. We are open - we say what we mean, what we notice or sense. More than 25 years of experience makes us excellent associates. We use intelligent infrastructure solutions to assist in enhancing competitiveness and efficiency of our customer. Years of cooperation with our clients and their references are a proof for the quality of our services.

Our basic competence is to provide services which include:

Business management

Business management

Business process improvements and implementation of convenient management application in line with the company’s development strategy and objectives.
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Information technologies

Information technologies

Information technology infrastructure and information systems improvements and maintenance.
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Engineering and Automation solutions

Engineering and Automation solutions

Selection and implementation of the most suitable engineering and automation solutions.
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Providing necessary outsourcing in the areas of information technologies or business management.
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By the use of modern technologies, everything is possible:

  • we work with each client individually examining the matters from the client’s viewpoint;
  • we make process improvements for more efficient operation of business and the use of resources;
  • we assist companies in growing and developing in line within ever evolving requirements of business environment;
  • we analyse processes, applications, and IT infrastructure;
  • we develop a business continuity and disaster recovery plan;
  • we introduce projects in due time and achieve planned results by 100%.

You have a problem and you cannot find a solution for it?

Or also, you have an idea but you do not know how to develop it?

Use our knowledge, and you will be the winner!

We can perform many other improvements for more efficient operation of your business and use of resources; the principal task is to choose the most suitable set of solutions and to implement it together. For that reason, if you have any questions or if you need a consultation or if you are seeking a solution for a problem, please let us know about it by writing to eddi@eddi.lv and we will be happy to assist you!  



Edmunds Plūmīte

Chairman of the Board

Gunta Koka

Chief Financial Officer

Līga Kreicberga-Avotiņa

Head of Business Solutions

Raivo Jirgensons

Head of Engineering and Automation

Vladislavs Tolmačovs

Head of IT Development

Uldis Stirna

Head of IT Maintenace