Līga Kreicberga-Avotiņa
Head of Business solutions

Improvement of business processes provides considerable support for enhancing competitiveness. Taking into account the needs and aims of business, we assess what is available in the market and choose the most suitable solution.

During the analysis, we take into account the following:

  • base system functionality requirements;
  • customer functionality and the necessity for it;
  • the price of the solution and the developer pricing policy;
  • necessity for additional works at the implementation, their costs;
  • maintenance and user support policy, its costs;
  • compatibility with existing systems;
  • references and experience regarding the use of the product from the existing clients.

Taking into account the strategic goals, we offer complex solutions in the following areas:

  • client management (CRM);
  • resource management in the organization (ERP);
  • warehouse management;
  • production planning;
  • etc.
Līga Kreicberga-Avotiņa
Head of Business solutions

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