Vladislavs Tolmačovs
Head of IT Development

Such a great leader as you, doesn’t always have to dive deep into all details concerning your company’s IT infrastructure. Still, there are some global and critical things that do require attention if you want to be sure that your IT infrastructure is in order. Thinking about your peace of mind, we have compiled a list of 10 important signs to watch out for. So – make yourself a cup of coffee and have a look!


The strategic goals of your business define your IT strategy and annual IT budget. Implementation of new IT projects or solutions does not have an adverse effect on existing systems and applications – employees are generally happy with their performance.

You have never heard such comments as “That can’t be done” or “I don’t know” from your IT team. For example, if changes in business logic are needed or some IT related initiative requires attention, they will always inform you how it will be done, how much time it will take and how much it will cost.

If a meteor was approaching your office building, you wouldn’t panic. You know that there is a disaster recovery plan that explicitly tells you what actions to take to recover from downtime in case of major or minor incidents.

All business-critical processes generally run smoothly in your company. Incidents and downtimes happen, of course, but not more often than a few times per year and usually around the time of full moon. However, you always keep calm because you can rely on your business continuity plan.

If some critical business process function is interrupted, you are informed straight away via text message. A little later you also receive a report regarding the causes of the incident and what will be done to avoid incidents like this in the future.

If anyone accidentally deletes or loses some piece of more of less critical information, you haven’t heard of any cases when it would not have been possible to restore access to it.

You know that all the information about your IT infrastructure and changes made is well-documented. If needed, a new IT specialist will be able to jump in quickly and take over from someone else.

You are confident that current business needs are fully supported by existing IT infrastructure and systems because you have heard about the annual internal audit results. If there are any deficiencies – they will be eliminated soon.

Employees generally do not complain to you that IT problems are not resolved on time. If you do hear from someone, there is usually a simple reason – priority is always given to problems that have a direct impact on business processes. All the rest just have to wait.

IT specialists occasionally provide training for employees covering various data security topics. You have also been informed about the guidelines for a secure password, principles of social engineering and the risks of processing online payments using the wi-fi connection of the local café.

If you can recognize the above signs in your company, congratulations! Continue enjoying your coffee with a peace of mind. If there are some things are not quite there, maybe it’s worth asking your IT manager to join you for a cup of coffee next time?

Wishing you a happy and productive day!