Līga Kreicberga-Avotiņa
Head of Business solutions

We develop various suitable solutions for cases of non-standard problems and for improvement of business processes. If the existing business management systems do not provide the necessary functionality, we can help by implementing:

  • internal and external web applications;
  • automated procedures for data reading, transforming and transferring;
  • integration of the existing systems, including, processing and integration of the contents of files;
  • the use of API, EDI and Web services (for example, Edisoft, Telema, Box API, Dropbox API, Google Drive API).

Examples for the solutions implemented by us:

  • internal web application of the organization for the preparation of reports and depicting standard information from ERP system in the form of dashboards;
  • integration between two or more systems for receiving and sending data with data converting solution;
  • interface for barcode scanners in the warehouse for receiving, moving and packing of products, integration with ERP system;
  • transformation of various text files and automated importing of data in BI (Business Intelligence) application;
  • automation of various sales, service, warehouse, financial and other processes and work assignments, web interface, integration with ERP;
  • Time tracking and work time recording system, integration with the existing access control system, data export for salary software;
  • web catalogue of goods and services for storing, arranging and transforming inventory data;
  • public webpage for social project Enģeļa pasts (Angel’s Mail) of charity association "NSUS". 
Līga Kreicberga-Avotiņa
Head of Business solutions

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