Līga Kreicberga-Avotiņa
Head of Business solutions

QPR ProcessAnalyzer is a tool for mining and analysis of business processes in existing information systems. It is smart, it can be installed quickly and it is convenient to use. The tool studies operative data of the company and immediately finds specific ways for the improvement of business operation.

The use of the data collected from information systems about the activities performed by an employee, equipment or a client, provides a possibility within a short period of time to obtain the following:

  • process flow visualization;
  • activities in time;
  • costs of process activities;
  • variations of the process;
  • cases of non-compliance of the process;
  • analysis of the cause and effect;
  • grouping, filtering of the data.

It is necessary to devote time for studying the processes of business operation disregarding the success of your company. If your company operates successfully, it is possible that you will find the ways how to make the processes even more efficient. If the operation is not as successful as it should be, you will find out which activities are to be changed.

Līga Kreicberga-Avotiņa
Head of Business solutions

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