Līga Kreicberga-Avotiņa
Head of Business solutions

Management of costs is an important business process which is used for planning and controlling direct and indirect costs of the company by subjecting them to the processes, end products and strategy of the company. The method of calculation of Activity Based Costing (ABC) creates understanding of the real structure of the costs in your company and provides possibilities to compare the costs. It also assists in improving business profitability, fostering the efficiency of processes and making right strategic decisions. It analyses costs and divides them in product groups, clients, employees or suppliers on the basis of activities performed. It is a very efficient tool to make decisions regarding the optimization of the costs of company.

Advantages from the use of ABC analysis:

  • more precise division of indirect costs and calculation of the product or service cost structure;
  • a wider possibility to analyze the efficiency of services and products;
  • a possibility to analyze not only the costs of products and services but also the costs of other objects;
  • assists in making decisions regarding pricing policy, business directions and optimization of processes, or their replacement with outsourcing;
  • complete information about costs ensures the control over income.

CostPerform is a specialized tool for cost management – for the development and control of ABC models. ABC methodology offers more efficient approach the aim of which is to provide managers with simply understandable and meaningful information for decision making. It provides a possibility to model improved main business and supporting processes.


Choosing CostPerform for the management of your costs, you will be provided with a tool which:

  • is the smartest and functionally richest from the tools available in the market as it has been developed on the basis of theory and praxis;
  • is open for various data sources, it ensures convenient export and import of data;
  • is user-friendly;
  • has built-in data validation which helps preventing errors;
  • is affordable even by a medium-size manufacturer as introducing of the tool is always profitable;
  • has been cross-checked as it has been used on daily basis in the areas of medicine, manufacturing, banking, wholesale, logistics, insurance, education as well as in other areas throughout the world.

It can be used for:

the development of standard
ABC models
strategic budget planning
modelling of overload and insufficient
risk modelling and management
planning of production and accruals
management of changes
ABC modelling which is based on sale in time


Development of ABC models

Unlimited number of object levels ensures fast and precise modelling of business conduct and various processes - direct, supporting and sustaining business processes in line with the needs of the company.

Precise division of costs

It is simple and transparent. Various adjustable data views ensure a possibility to trace the flow of costs in all levels of company models and to obtain a visual representation and clear understanding on how the resources are actually being spent and how the costs occur. It supports also the application of time-driven ABC calculation methods and ensures a possibility for the user to develop their own specific cost calculation method.

Budget planning

It ensures more precise strategic budget planning which is based on the processes taking place in the company as well as on the resources and results.

Modelling of development scenario

It provides a possibility to develop unlimited number of scenarios by using various models and to assess how the introduced changes influence various indicators; it also provides support in decision making regarding necessary improvements or when planning the development in the future.

Report preparation

Convenient and extensive possibilities to prepare automatic reports ensure easy filtering of necessary data and their analysis by periods or units as well as the use of the results jointly with other users.

Graphical analysis of data and resources

Previews that can be easily developed ensure a possibility to review, control and analyze on regular basis how the changes in costs and other indicators influence resources, processes and capacity of the company. It is important to have a clear understanding about various processes taking place in the organization and the costs of these processes for making efficient changes.

Līga Kreicberga-Avotiņa
Head of Business solutions

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