Raivo Jirgensons
Head of Engineering and Automation solutions

Nowadays, resources consumed during production and other processes (electric energy, gas, water, etc.) form a considerable part of production costs. Due to this reason, it is vitally important to follow the efficiency of the use of resources so that it was possible to forecast and perhaps to reduce the costs as well as to make the activity as environmentally friendly as possible. The use of the BMS (Building Management System) provides a possibility to achieve a substantial decrease in the costs related to the building maintenance as it ensures mutual integration, efficient control and management of various systems and equipment. The BMS building management system can be installed in production units, hospitals, schools, kindergartens, offices, hotels, residential buildings, shops, shopping centers, ships, ferries, airports, etc. 

Advantages of the BMS solution:

  • is able to read the data from any type and age meters and controllers;
  • not only supervises the consumption of resources but also calculates energy efficiency;
  • warns about the increase in norms or set measurements;
  • provides detailed reports on the consumption of resources and assist in detecting the trends of excessive consumption;
  • calculate energy and resource consumption per production amounts or per man-hours
  • retains the history of resource consumption;
  • ensures the compliance with ISO environmental standards that can be easily controlled on daily basis;
  • and, certainly assists in making a considerable reduction in the costs related to the consumption of resources.

Indicators that we can read and collect:

  • Electricity consumption
  • Gas consumption
  • Water consumption
  • Heat consumption
  • Water temperature readings
  • Air temperature readings
  • Air quality readings
  • Heating readings
  • Ventilation readings
  • Air conditioner readings
  • Compressed air readings
  • Person amount on premises
  • And many others

We can help you:

  • to install the BMS system on top of your energy infrastructure and implement all necessary data integrations;
  • to provide necessary training in system usage;
  • to provide maintenance and support of the system.
Raivo Jirgensons
Head of Engineering and Automation solutions

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