A building management system will provide effective daily monitoring and control of all communication and network systems, thus saving not only your and your employees’ time, but also significantly reducing building maintenance expenditures.

Building Management Systems

Communication and network systems (lighting, heating, ventilation, security etc.) consume a considerable amount of electricity and human resources for their operational maintenance. Building management systems (BMS) provide a significant decrease in maintenance costs due to mutual integration, efficient control and management of various communication and network systems.

Advantages of BMS:

  • Constant and centralized operational control of all communication and network systems
  • Remote management of system settings
  • Automatic notification (via text or e-mail) regarding disruptions in system operation, need of preventive maintenance etc.
  • Automatic data collection and storage for detailed operational analysis of systems and respective devices
  • Rapid response to any issues related to communication and network systems
  • Comfortable and safe working environment
  • Economy of resources, time and costs

We will help you by:

  • Developing a technical project for BMS according to your needs
  • Providing BMS installations
  • Providing daily maintenance and monitoring of BMS
  • Training your technical staff

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