We will find the most successful solutions for your business requirements and defined costs; moreover, these solutions will be easy to integrate in your current infrastructure and everyday work.

Solution Evaluation and Selection

You have decided to improve work efficiency and to automate one or more business functions with software solutions. However, you may lack time or knowledge in order to evaluate offers and choose the solution most suited to your business specifics and needs. We can perform this analysis and evaluation for you and offer a solution that would be most suitable for you.

After getting acquainted with your requests, functions and other regulations, we perform evaluation of the existing solutions in Latvia and rest of the world by using various resources. During this analysis we take into account:

  • Provision of all functions defined by you,
  • Additional functionality and its necessity,
  • Price of the solution and price policy of the developers,
  • Necessity of additional work after implementing solution, its costs,
  • Maintenance and user support policy, its costs,
  • Compatibility with existing systems,
  • Reviews and experience from current clients regarding the product’s usage.

If you want to find out more about our service contact us. If you need help not only in selecting the most suitable solution, but also in implementation of selected solutions, we can help you with that as well. Learn more about our services: Project management and Implementation of business solutions.

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