We offer solution that will help to discover the actual processes taking place in organization, as well as main bottle necks by using data from existing data systems.

Automated Process Analysis

Why is it necessary to analyze processes?

In order to improve processes and operational efficiency, at first it is necessary to understand the current situation. By understanding how the processes are performed now, it is possible to find out:

  • Why the execution of a process is delayed and who is responsible?
  • When the delay is due to insufficient resources?
  • At which step it is necessary to implement changes in order to improve efficiency?

Traditionally clarification of actual processes has been quite expensive and time consuming. In addition, it is not always reliable that employees will reveal the actual situation.

What is included in automated process analysis performed by us?

We offer to perform automated process analysis based on data available in organizations’ data systems using special tools. By using data from different data systems regarding activities of employees, devices or clients, it is possible to receive in short amount of time:

Process models

Automated process analysis: Process modelsVisualized process model which will show what steps are made and in what order

Activities in time

Automated process analysis: Activities in timeCalculated average length of each activity and time between activities

Process step costs

Automated process analysis: Process step costsCalculation of costs for each step based on results on resource capacity

Variations of the process

Automated process analysis: Variations of the processAll variations of performed process and their causes

Resource capacity

Automated process analysis: Resource capacityVisualized data about the busiest working hours and the impact on process efficiency

Cause-and-effect analysis

Automated process analysis: Cause-and-effect analysisEvent analysis step by step by analyzing causes and effects

Efficiency during period of time

Automated process analysis: Efficiency during period of timeCapacity of separate resources within stated period of time, by years, months, days or hours

Data grouping, filtration

Automated process analysis: Data grouping, filtrationIn addition – presentation of tailored data based on requirements, for instance, separate units, clients, different job shifts, services etc. – until an individual case

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