The loyalty and competence of our staff are Eddi’s greatest value, and we make sure that each team member feels appreciated, has friendly and responsive colleagues, and can develop as a specialist. Satisfied employees achieve commendable results in their work.

Edmunds Plūmīte

Areas of competence: Strategic management, Process effectiveness, Risk analysis, Change Management.

Education: BA and engineering degree in computer science, Rīga Technical University; MBA, Rīga Business School.


Edmunds belongs to the circle of leaders who perceive company management as a lifestyle that not only provides plenty of challenges for professional growth but also personal fulfillment. He actively and organically takes part in various projects and complements them with his strategic vision and experience accumulated over years. Outstanding business intuition and analytical skills equal to those of a professional detective are always at hand when needed. Edmunds always precisely models the correct cause and effect relationships and knows the right approach when building relationships with clients and searching for most effective solutions to customer business challenges.

Ability to intuitively observe and always maintain a global outlook has helped Edmunds not only develop his Company in several directions but also bring together a team of goal-oriented, reliable and creative professionals. Edmunds enjoys every opportunity to get a glimpse of the depths of a human personality. He brings out and highlights the best qualities in every member of the team, inspiring and encouraging professional growth on both individual and team level. Work environment created by Edmunds is permeated with sincere care and willingness to help whenever needed as well as genuine pride of his team.

Manufacturing industry is especially close to his heart because of the complicated infrastructure and high level of demands that require complicated and well-researched solutions. Still, projects in other industries, where Edmunds has helped clients grow, develop and strengthen the market position of their business, have been equally interesting and challenging.  Outside the working hours, Edmunds enjoys spending time with his family in the nature or working in the garden.