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Software Management

Software license management will allow you to improve the information system at your company so that it is fully in line with licensing requirements and allow you to avoid any possible financial losses that could occur if there was a formal software audit.

Software license management includes the following steps:

  • License compliance check for all software used in the company;
  • Development of IT and software policies and procedures;
  • Preparation of long-term IT development and budget plans in line with your business needs;
  • If necessary, optimization of the use of your software.

Your main benefits for using software license management:

  • Correlated information on software compliance with licensing policy;
  • The ability to control costs and business risks, allowing your company to strengthen and improve its financial and legal position;
  • Optimized investments, allowing you to do more with the resources that are at your disposal;
  • Stable development of your information systems in line with your company’s growing needs, by using flexibility and opportunities for maneuvers.

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