No matter whether employees are in the office, on business trip or working from home, it is possible to monitor and control their actions on computer during working hours. Such analysis helps to improve work productivity and protects your business from data leakage.

User Activity Monitoring

There are solutions allowing you to register user activities on the Internet, E-mail system, usage of printing devices and external data carriers (CDs, external hard drives, USB flashes etc.). As a result you receive reports, customized to your requests, regarding what your employees are doing during working hours, using a computer.

What are the advantages?

By collecting data about the usage of E-mail, Internet, search engine, chat and messaging, software and documents, data sending and other user’s activities, you can receive monthly reports on common computer usage habits and volumes, adjust specific filters, and receive messages regarding exceptional or unauthorized user activities.

You will receive answers to following questions:

  • What kind of work-related and entertainment web sites your employees visit and how much time they spend there?
  • Which employees send and receive the most E-mails?
  • Which employees and in what amount print documents and save data in external data devices?
  • Is the sensitive business information really secure, and it is not misused or leaked?
  • Which employees arrive late at work or leave the work premises too early?
  • Who is working and who is just having fun during working hours?

Does my organization needs it?

Such IT solutions usually are necessary for medium and big organizations, where most employees are working with computers on daily basis and it is not possible to control their productivity in any other way.

Most commonly such solutions in Latvia are used by banks, state institutions, and other service providing organizations.

Main advantages

By implementing the solution, which will automatically and uninterruptedly store and summarize data about users’ activities with the computer, external devices, and on the Internet, you can solve work productivity and resource capacity more efficiently, as well as follow the observance of ethics, regulations and security issues.

Other organizations that have already implemented similar solutions name following advantages:

  • Work productivity increases significantly, since employees do not spend their time in sites that are not work related;
  • If confidential information is leaked, it is possible to find the responsible person and prove his fault;
  • Much easier to implement in real life computer usage regulations, for example, by blocking web pages not connected with direct job requirement fulfillment;
  • Employee cannot steal company secrets and send them to competitors;
  • Information about each employee’s actual contribution to company’s development can be evaluated.

In order to get acquainted with solutions, we offer to find out, which tools would be the most suitable for you, contact us and we will arrange a meeting.

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