Security of internal information and protection of sensitive data is the basis of each company’s competitive ability; therefore solutions that can provide such security are in high demand in the market.

Data Leakage Prevention Solutions

Data Leakage Prevention (DLP) is offered as a set of solutions that performs critical business data identification and surveillance by analyzing the usage, movement and storage of the data.

Nowadays, solutions that are available in the market can differ – some are developed directly for DLP function, other has some additional functionality added to it. We can help to find the best solution for your business.

Information analysis methods

The most common complex solutions include a number of methods by which the operations with information are tracked. Some of the methods are:

  • Digital fingerprints of files – technology that calculates individual signature for each document and its parts. Those „fingerprints” are saved in internal database. When documents or parts are copied to another data carrier, renamed, modified – based on conformation with existing „fingerprint”, files are identified and tracked.
  • Statistical analysis – various technologies, which in some cases are similar to reputation filters, used to analyze and prevent spam.
  • Linguistic (conceptual) analysis – summary of dictionaries, regulations or other linguistic techniques in order to recognize violations.
  • Hash/Cyclic hash analysis – analysis of definite document conformation or analysis of document fragments.

System requests while working with confidential information

When choosing a solution that provides DLP, make sure if the solution provides information’s regulation in accordance with business security requirements and includes following security measures:

  • User gets warning when the possibility of confidential information’s leakage occurs – it is necessary for decrease of random information loss risk;
  • All activities with classified information are described in log files, blocking data leakage prior;
  • During data access information is protected by providing file encryption;
  • Instant notification regarding actions with sensitive information or unauthorized activities.

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