In order to avoid unpleasant incidents of the leakage of information, make sure that you diversify access rights in a timely way.

Unstructured Data Management, Access Control

Identification and access management (user accounts, rights and policy management) allows to prevent security incidents and avoid possible loss. You can analyze unauthorized activities in computer network: authorize and verify users of your IT system and their actions in IS.

Such information protection assures that only authorized employees can work with data and nobody can copy or delete important data without authorization. Authorized actions and access rights are secure and strictly regulated.

Problems originate due to lack of information

Allocation of access rights in current systems usually is performed manually. Often allocation is performed by employees that do not always have the data about significance of information units, thus the legitimacy of information usage cannot be always evaluated precisely. This process is even more complicated due to constant changes of employees’ responsibilities and in documents placed on the server. As a result, the access right optimization becomes a complicated task even for professionals. Thereby sensitive data management in organization becomes less efficient and more expensive, furthermore a greater risk to leak important information exist and its improper or even illegal usage.

Up-to-date solutions for management of access rights

In order to make the management more efficient, effective and easy, we offer solutions that consolidate information for users, user groups, data and access rights, as well as access requests. Obtained information can be summarized in clear and easily manageable information unit, which provides detailed information regarding what rights should be assigned to each user. Information unit that is offered by access right management solutions includes information regarding user’s rights to access file/folder and what rights the user has (read-only, create, edit etc.), as well as when such rights were allocated or from where they have been inherited.

How it works

Up-to-date solution allows receiving detailed report on access requests by users for any period of time, up to every separate file. It is possible to receive full report on the frequency of file usage, type of the operations (opening, deleting, change of access rights etc.).

Access right control solutions provide tools in order to limit unreasonable or too extensive access rights. Based on data usage analysis, the product gives suggestions regarding who has proper access rights and to whom they should be limited. IT professionals can analyze the recommendations for change that software creates by virtually simulating and finding out consequences of such change, or immediately implementing them.

Opportunities and advantages:

  • Transparency – higher level of information security: getting a single picture of origin and inter-relationship of users, groups, data, and access rights.
  • Adaptive system for allocating access right– automated and flexible access control: precise suggestions regarding how to limit users’ access to specific data, which are based on users’ behavior models and business logic.
  • Establishment of information owner – increase of IT operation and Helpdesk efficiency: possible owners list for each document folder.
  • Inspection of sensitive data usage – history regarding data access, detailed register: full inspection of employees’ access to data, detail – up to every separate file, as well as opportunity to automate inspection’s data forwarding to e-mail address based on chosen schedule.
  • Warning – notification of defined actions taken within the network.

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