The protection of your IT system is ensured by the professional and skilful selection and implementation of security solutions.

Security Solutions

The installation of security solutions for your IT systems will ensure:

  • Certainty about the protection of information, making sure that the company’s confidential information is available only to those who need it;
  • Identified and prevented risks related to data security, along with improved management of user accounts and user rights;
  • Elimination of security incidents and the avoidance of related losses.

We will conduct an IT security inspection to identify those IT security solutions that are most necessary and appropriate for you.

The most popular IT security solutions are:

  • Access Control allows you to avoid security incidents and related losses, also allowing you to analyze unsanctioned activities in your computer network;
  • Data Leakage Prevention is offered as a set of solutions that performs critical business data identification and surveillance by analyzing the usage, movement and storage of the data.
  • User Activity Monitoring allows to automatically register user activities on computer in order to improve productivity and protect business against leakage of confidential information.

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