Process management begins with an understanding of business processes, their optimization, and improvements to the effectiveness of your work. Effective process management is the foundation of your company’s competitiveness.

Process Management

Successful businesses manage processes effectively and monitor changes in their external environment.  Clients appreciate companies which make sure that products and services have added value and adapt in a timely way to changes in markets and demand.  Before you can change, however, you must understand where you are now.

Why is it necessary to achieve unified process understanding within the organization?

    Unified process language within organization will ensure:

    • Consensus and greater mutual cooperation, as well as unified understanding;
    • Mutual understanding between business and IT, as well as greater employees’ awareness of business goals;
    • Documents and processes will correspond to standards;
    • Accessible company information, thus providing greater opportunities to share the knowledge.

    In order to improve efficiency of the processes, it is crucial to completely understand the occurrence of the processes and results they return. Clarity of „As is” situation is a beginning of transformation to „To be” – by understanding your current status you will be able to understand faster, where the improvement is necessary and how it corresponds to your business goals.

    By implementing process management, you will receive:

    • Higher company’s added value;
    • Higher work efficiency with lower costs;
    • Lower company’s dependency on subjective factors and human mistakes;
    • United and integrated information;
    • Complex, hard- to-solve situations will become rarer and more often you will notice united, goal orientated work from all employees.

    Significant part of process management attempts in organizations loses the enthusiasm mainly due to inappropriate tools for process modeling. Most common diagramming tools seem to be handy at the beginning. However, when it is necessary to update or improve existing process models, it takes too much time and effort. Process models are incomplete, therefore they cannot be used in everyday life.

    Solutions for process management

    We can offer the most appropriate solutions for process management and modeling, that:

    • Are designed for process management, therefore easy-to-use and intuitive;
    • Offer rich functionality, providing not only process modeling, but also connection with information, resources and organizational structure;
    • Are designed not only for process modeling, but also for continuous process maintenance, analysis and every day usage.

    This solution has already been selected by:

    University of Latvia (Latvijas Universitāte)
    Central Statistical Bureau (Centrālā statistikas pārvalde)
    Health Inspectorate (Veselības inspekcija)
    Riga Stradiņš University (Rīgas Stradiņa universitāte)
    Latvian State Forests (Latvijas Valsts meži)

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