Make use of our IT outsourcing services, and you will receive a quick response and decision-making, extensive knowledge, and the skillful use of technologies.

IT Outsourcing

Every entrepeneur who plans to expand business activities thinks about perspective and chooses the most cost efficient way of development. Therefore, in many occasions organization choose to outsource those processes that are not related to the company’s core business, since that is safer, cheaper and more effective.

We offer a complex set of IT services that will allow you to enjoy a functioning IT infrastructure without any complications or concerns. It will be perfect for your business needs.

The main problem for local IT departments is that they are often not familiar with the company’s overall business strategy. A single individual or localized working group will tend to deal with problems of the moment, and their knowledge and skills may be subordinate to those problems, as opposed to broader considerations related to development and innovation. This knowledge and these skills also often go missing among IT companies which offer outsourcing. Work with different infrastructure, innovations and specific solutions will allow you to develop knowledge and competence, as well as to have a strategic view of the situation at hand.

What are the advantages of outsourcing?

Company manager gains:

  • Experienced partner
  • High-quality solutions
  • Useful advices and consultations
  • Confidence about reliable IT infrastructure

Employees gain:

  • Simplified process for reporting problems
  • Understandable recording system
  • Constant access to immediate help

Financial manager gains:

  • Lower costs (wages, taxes)
  • Cost structure changes
  • Reserves for unplanned occasions are reduced

We offer to maintain your organization’s IT infrastructure and to provide infrastructure’s compatibility with security standards and to make sure that all problems are solved fast and efficiently.

We perform:

  • Server maintenance
  • IT resource management
  • Remote system monitoring
  • User Helpdesk
  • Prevention of computer system failures
  • Operating system performance monitoring and prevention of malfunctions
  • Software management
  • Management of subcontractors
  • Business continuity plan and Business recovery plan development and provision

Often the price offered by outsourcing service provider is lower than the operating expenses of company’s IT infrastructure’s maintenance, and the service quality has a higher level. Outsourced resources are far more flexible and accessible in terms of supporting and monitoring your business functions while, at the same time, planning their further development.

Outsourced IT services are advantageous for you because:

  • Our specialists work simultaneously with numerous clients, which allows them to be familiar with the latest technologies and solution trends;
  • We are competent and skillful in the implementation and adaptation of various technologies;
  • It is cheaper to pay for the services which you need, as supposed to making ongoing payments irrespective of the amount of work that is needed;
  • It will pay off to summon our specialist when your company’s IT system is optimal and properly organized.

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