IT infrastructure inspection is a complex assessment of IT and IS systems according to the functions of your business. This will allow you to gain a full understanding of how all of your IT systems work.

IT System Inspection

The inspection will correlate information about the extent to which your resources are in line with your business needs and goals, as well as normative acts and laws. We will consider related risks and propose methods for avoiding them.

In result you will receive a report on the risks that may occur, as well as recommendations on how to deal with them. That will help you to optimize investments and to achieve more with the resources that you have at your disposal. You will be able to expand and undergo sustainable development in line with your company’s growing needs.

Our complete IT infrastructure inspection will cover all of your IT resources, security systems and software. We can also offer to carry out only partial inspection, taking into consideration your needs.

1. IT resource inspection

During a full IT infrastructure inspection, we will assess your IT infrastructure resources – workstations, servers, commuting systems, peripherals, etc.

As a result of this you will receive:

  • A report on your IT infrastructure resources, their capacities, and the possibility of threats against them;
  • A proposal on how to address the identified problems.

2. IT security inspection

Our IT security inspection offers a study of system vulnerabilities, as well as steps to prevent them.

As a result of this you will receive:

  • IT security risk management plan which is based on system security risk analysis;
  • A proposal on how to reduce and prevent the risks that have been identified.

3. IT software inspection

IT software inspection includes evaluation of the software that is used by all of your IT infrastructure resources. We will analyze the software documentation, licensing, and compliance of the software version that is used by the relevant resource. We will also make sure that the software suits your business needs.

As a result of this you will receive:

  • A report that shows if your software is properly licensed, how up-to-date are its versions, and how compatible it is with your IT resources;
  • Analysis of the extent to which your software is in line with your business needs, complete with information about possible ways of optimizing the software;
  • An offer on addressing the business risks that have been identified, as well as on optimizing costs regarding software implementation and maintenance.

Once the inspection is complete:

Based on inspection results, we will always offer you a solution and a range of services that will resolve any problems that we have identified during the inspection. It is up to you to decide what you want to improve.

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Riga Maternity Hospital (Rīgas Dzemdību nams)
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