Find out more about how communication and network systems, when relevant to your infrastructure needs, can protect your business and secure a safe work environment for your employees!

Application of Communications and Network Systems

Rapid technology entry in our everyday life offers us so many seemingly unlimited opportunities that we have taken for granted. We don’t even consider what our daily routine would be if opportunities that these technologies provide could suddenly disappear. We invite you to take care of your infrastructure, in order for technologies to protect your business, not to make it more vulnerable. By taking care of your business security at its core, you will receive strong support to your business goals and sustainability of your future development.

Physical security

Physical security is not just a protection against thieves. Physical security of an enterprise is a totality of security measures that guarantees the security of the infrastructure against external threats, employees are protected from accidents, and business critical information is protected from leakage.

In order to provide physical security a variety of widely used and standardized technological solution can be used, as well as individual and company-specific solution can be developed.

Security of the infrastructure

In order to provide continuous protection of business processes, infrastructure must be maintained and protected from intentional or unintentional damages. It is essential to understand, which resources are the most vulnerable and how to protect them. Some solutions frequently used in protection of the infrastructure are:

  • Security and fire alarms – in order to protect premises and material valuables from burglars or fire;
  • Extinguishing systems – for example, protection of a server room by filling it with carbonate acid gas, thus stopping the fire;
  • Customized detectors – for example, humidity detector, which promptly indicates if the room has too high humidity (where it is not acceptable), or wind detector, which will indicate to close the windows, if the wind in the room is too strong;
  • Various automated monitoring and control systems – for example, monitoring and analysis of energy efficiency of various processes.

Security in work environment

While taking care of business most valuable resource – humans – various security measures must be implemented in order to guarantee safe work environment and to reduce risk to human life and health. In a safe work place employees can feel confident. That in turn has positive impact on work productivity and working attitude. Some of the solutions that can be used in order to guarantee security in work:

  • Pollution detectors – early warning about chemical pollution or presence of smoke in work environment;
  • Optically-informative means – warning, for example, about approach of a mechanic vehicle;
  • Acoustically-informative means – helps to coordinate employees’ behavior in emergency situations or daily work;
  • Various automated protection systems – for example, automatically forbids entering into a room, where processes, dangerous to health, are in place.

Protection of business critical information

In spite of being an intangible value, business critical information is one of organization’s main advantages over competitors. Therefore, it is crucial to keep it protected. Even a simple theft of a laptop computer can lead to leakage of sensitive data and unavoidable loss of business resources or information that can greatly outnumber the material value of the stolen good. Following solutions can help you:

  • Video surveillance systems – video surveillance systems have long been used in security systems, but one of the main advantages offered by modern technologies, is its video analytical functionality: video analytical software continuously analyzes events in the screen and, based on previously programmed regulations, automatically performs different functions or alerts, for example, plays acoustic warning to a person who is going in a wrong direction or stays too long in a forbidden area.
  • Security alarms and access control systems – for protection of areas and facilities from unauthorized entrance; correct usage of security and access control systems helps to limit access to the premises not only to unauthorized persons, but to employees as well – if it is not necessary for job purposes, thus making persons’ movement in the territory more controllable.

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