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How a Windows based tablet can save your vacation?



When someone from work calls during your vacation or while you are out of the office asking to urgently fix a report or solve some other important issue, you have to be ready to dive into work, either you want it or not. In these kinds of situations Osvalds, Head of the IT department at EDDI, takes Think Pad 10 out of his bag and is ready for work in just a few seconds, almost as if he was in the office. Indeed, the possibilities to use this device as an effective business tool dispel any historically developed preconceptions about a tablet merely as an expensive toy. We hope that the experience and suggestions outlined below will be useful for anyone who is looking for both - new ways to improve the way we work as well as possibilities to quickly get things done even while away on holidays. Of course, if necessary.

Osvalds Pujats,
"Eddi" IT Manager

Osvalds has been using his Windows based tablet as the only work device for more than 3 months already. It has earned his trust to such an extent that Osvalds is ready to recommend it to any office worker who uses a PC or notebook with standard parameters. Among all other advantages offered by this device, Osvalds appreciates these 3 the most:

1. Your usual work environment is quickly accessible no matter where you are

Even the layout of the tablet display is identical to the one you would have in the office. All work files can be easily found which is especially convenient when being on the road constantly. You can forget about your pen and paper – notes can be taken down with a digitizer pen instead. In addition to that, this device is ideally suited for giving presentations, if you need to do so.

2. Tablet with a Windows OS fully integrates into company IT infrastructure just as a standard computer

Osvalds especially admires the easy access to usual business applications and corporate security solutions. Essentially the tablet operates just as a standard computer – in the office it is possible to connect it to the Docking station and use both the monitor as well as the keyboard. The speed and battery life of the device are identical to that of a standard office notebook. Of course, just as with every computer, one must take into account that resource demanding software will slow down the device a little.

3. Outstanding value for money

Indeed, the price and quality of this device are equal to that of a standard office PC, however this kind of tablet provides considerably more convenience that will be especially appreciated by those who travel or happen to be out of the office often.


One must take into account that there are various Windows based tablet models available differing in functionality as well as the price. It can be foreseen that these devices will become increasingly popular and in the upcoming 5-10 years we might be using our smartphones in the same way. If you are considering purchasing a tablet of this kind, we hope that the recommendations outlined below will be useful and will help you select the tablet that suits you best.

  1. Tablet must be operated with at least Windows 8.1 OS in order for you to be able to fully make use of your company corporate standards.
  2. The speed and longevity of the device must be proportional (We do not recommend choosing a processor weaker than Intel Atom Processor Z3795 because otherwise the speed of the device will be insufficient. RAM of the device should be not less than 4 GB).
  3. You should also consider security solutions for mobile devices. Since access to public Wi-Fi networks is a huge risk, you may want to equip your device with 3G/4G mobile internet access. Usage of 3G/4G and VPN access will ensure a secure connection to your company resources from outside.
  4. In order to customize the device to your particular work needs, you should decide if it is more important that the tablet serves as an office computer or a mobile device:
    • Digitizer pen: If the tablet is going to be used out of the office a lot, a digitizer pen will definitely be handy, especially when working with standard Windows applications (not in Metro interface). Of course, you can also carry a mouse with you as well.
    • Docking station (for work in the office): place your tablet on it and you will be able to obtain a fully functional office computer with the usual monitor, keyboard and mouse.
    • Adapter: to connect the tablet to a projector or another monitor.
    • USB port: you should remember, that it will not be possible to connect external HDDs to the device because of insufficient power, but USB port is still absolutely necessary to connect your mouse, keyboard or a USB flash drive.

Wishing a sunny summer vacation –
Best regards,

The technical parameters of Osvald’s tablet: LENOVO ThinkPad Tablet 10 (20C1000M) 10.1" FHD, Intel® Atom™ Z3795 1.6GHz, 4GB RAM, 128GB Flash, Integrated Graphics, 802.11 abgn / BT 4.0 / 4G LTE, fingerprint, Micro SD, SmartCard, Digitizer + Pen, W8.1 PRO 32