The loyalty and competence of our staff are Eddi’s greatest value, and we make sure that each team member feels appreciated, has friendly and responsive colleagues, and can develop as a specialist. Satisfied employees achieve commendable results in their work.

Līga Kreicberga-Avotiņa

Areas of competence: business management solutions and information management.

Education: BA of social siences in business administration, MA in communication. Currently Līga is studying at the MBA programme, Riga Business School.


Līga is the heart and soul of EDDI business solution division. With her pockets filled with useful ideas for improvement of the work routine and productivity, Līga is always ready to share her experience with others and provide advice or assistance to anyone.  She is great at and always delighted to get her hands on processing and structuring of any kind of information. Long business process descriptions are being transformed into clear and transparent process maps that in addition to various graphs, matrixes, compliance tables, diagrams and dashboards, are her favorite means of communicating all kinds of information.

Within EDDI team Līga is highly valued as the main business process and efficiency expert.  She always has the right probing questions at hand that help her determine what the most appropriate solution is for any situation. Līga is delighted about the dynamic diversity of her work day, because every single project she leads is unique and provides an opportunity to enrich her professional knowledge and gain an understanding of the highlights in different industries. Līga is convinced that with diligent work it is possible to achieve any set goal, therefore she is always looking for new opportunities for professional development.

In her spare time, Līga enjoys spending time on the internet following the latest developments in IT and business solution industries.  She also likes going for long walks in the city, during which a good few great ideas often unexpectedly come into her mind.