The loyalty and competence of our staff are Eddi’s greatest value, and we make sure that each team member feels appreciated, has friendly and responsive colleagues, and can develop as a specialist. Satisfied employees achieve commendable results in their work.

Gunta Koka

Areas of competence: Finance and operational management, business law.

Education: BA in business and professional qualification in business law, Rēzekne University College; MA in business administration, University of Latvia.


Always precise, fast and ambitious – Gunta is in charge of operations and finance in the EDDI management team. She also takes active part in administration of infrastructure projects and enjoys communication with customers. Everyone knows that it is possible to talk to her about any questions or concerns 24/7. Gunta is always ready to help with any problems and share her professional viewpoint on various issues. Although she always carefully considers the practical aspects of every decision she makes, Gunta is never afraid to take up new opportunities and challenges.  She always relies on her natural abilities to make farsighted decisions.

When dealing with everyday finance and operational issues, Gunta is able to analyze the situation in the speed of a lightning and reacts and makes the right decisions quickly. The work process itself and participation in various projects provides a huge satisfaction for her. She really enjoys the dynamic bustle of workdays, and is twice as happy when she manages to achieve the desired result.  Gunta is also an outstanding communicator – she adds a pleasant twist to every conversation with vivid and apt expressions. In addition to that, she is always great at choosing the right words and adding a healthy portion of humor to every situation.

Gunta finds strength and inspiration in the nature - listening to the nature sounds and enjoying the silence. All her free time is dedicated to the family, but during the late night hours Gunta never misses an opportunity to read one of her favorite books.