Over the course of 18 years, Eddi has grown and developed very substantially. The company began its operations as a computer assembler and retailer. Today, Eddi is a strategic partner in the area of business management and IT.

Development of Eddi

The founder of the company, Edmunds Plūmīte, launched his own business even before Eddi was established in 1996. The cornerstone for the history of Eddi is a partnership with businesses in Germany to provide Latvian businesses with high-quality, European made computers. As the partnership expanded, the Eddi company was established. It also ensured computer installation and maintenance services. It has always been Eddi’s ambition to offer the highest quality in products and services. Thus Eddi developed into a full service IT company.

Among well known clients in Latvia in the 1990s were the Jānis Roze chain of bookstores and the Latvian Defense Ministry. At the beginning of 2000, Eddi clients also included Radio SWH, Lido Krasta centrs, and other companies which required technologies to develop their business.

As Eddi developed, it sought out ways of improving itself and its operations. Business management tools had to be introduced in order to ensure that technologies help to improve business efficiency. Thanks to international training and experience, the Eddi team saw that the market demand was to connect IT and business solutions. When Latvia joined the European Union, Eddi launched a partnership with the international Capgemini Company, becoming its representative in the Baltic States.

Today Eddi is a business technology company which links the infrastructure of technologies to management of business processes. That is the most effective way to help clients in achieving their strategic goals.

While Latvia has been suffering from the international financial crisis and many companies have been struggling for survival, Eddi has been able to optimize its operations, learn and supplement its knowledge and skills and, most importantly, to invest in innovations.

Accordingly, we are proud of the fact that today we can offer you a broad range of services and solutions in the areas of business management, information technologies, and outsourced services. This will help you to structure and develop your company’s operations, always improving the interaction between business and information technologies.